In a Walter report you'll find the value of the property based on its estimated condition. Below is an explanation of the different home condition ratings that we take into account. They can be compared with the definitions that an appraiser also uses.

'Like New' - This property has been very recently constructed and may not have previously been occupied. The entire structure and all components are new and the dwelling features no physical depreciation.

'Good' - The property has little or no physical depreciation, requires no repairs, and is similar in condition to new construction. Virtually all building components are new or have been recently repaired, refinished, or rehabilitated. All outdated components and finishes have been updated and/or replaced with components that meet current standards.

'Average' - The property has been maintained and features physical depreciation due to normal wear and tear. Some components, but not every major building component, may be updated or recently rehabilitated. All major building components have been adequately maintained and are functionally adequate.

'Fixer-Upper' - The property has substantial damage or deferred maintenance with deficiencies or defects that are severe enough to affect the safety, soundness, or structural integrity of the improvements. The improvements are in need of substantial repairs and rehabilitation, including many or most major components.

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