Walter sells three products: a Walter Plus monthly subscription to get unlimited value reports, Walter Premium, and our buying service to help you bid on homes.

Walter Plus

The Walter Plus monthly subscription works on the basis of payment by direct debit. If you sign up for Walter Plus, you make the first payment directly via iDEAL. We then always collect the monthly amount from that account. As long as you are a member of Plus, you can request unlimited value reports. These are delivered digitally, directly in your browser, and can also be downloaded as PDF pages.

Don't need Walter Plus anymore? Read here how to cancel. After canceling, you will keep access to the value reports that you have created during your subscription period.

Walter All-in-One

You pay Walter All-in-One with a one-time payment. We do not do direct debits from your bank account, and you are not tied to a subscription. Read more about how Walter All-in-One works here.

If you bought Walter All-in-One, you will receive the same benefits as in the Plus monthly plan: you can create unlimited value reports. You also get access to extra data and visualisations, and our team is ready to discuss properties with you via Zoom video calls.

Right of withdrawal

For Walter Plus and Walter All-in-One you can use the right of withdrawal. Read more about how that works here.

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