When you tour a home, it's important to see past the fresh coat of paint or staged decor. Come prepared with a checklist so you can keep the things that matter most to you in mind when considering any place. Once there, be courteous and quick, and don’t overstay your visit. 

Beyond your must-haves and nice-to-haves, take a look and note the following: 


  • Keep an eye out for missing roof tiles, neglected exterior areas and damage to the outside walls near the ground. 


  • If possible, take pictures or videos for your reference. 

  • Note any uneven floors, water stains on walls/floors/ceilings, significant cracks in the walls or ceilings, missing or broken appliances or hardware.

  • Look out every window to see the view.

  • Check the parking situation.

After the tour: 

If you like the home, compare the market values of comparable houses.  Find out how long they were on the market, and how much above or below market value they sold for to know what's a reasonable price to offer.

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