Walter All-in-One helps you to submit the right bid on a house. It’s super difficult to know what to offer for your next house. So, in order to help you with finding your home, we calculate exactly what you need to offer to have a chance at winning. Walter All-in-One costs € 1,950,-. 

To paint a clear picture of what has happened to the house and the neighbourhood in the past years, we’ll check all public data sources. We’ll also ask you to give us information that can’t be derived from the data. As soon as you’ve been to the house, you’ll know its condition and you can share all - visual - defects of the place 

By combining your observations and our objective data, we’ll be able to give you a clear overview of what the house is actually worth. And, most importantly, your Walter expert will give you three bidding strategies with each a success rate of its own. 

Each strategy that Walter offers you to help submitting the winning bid, has its own success rate: 

  • Play It Safe With this bid you have 50% chance to get the house. If you’re not sure of this place, or if you can’t pay more than this, play it safe with this strategy. 

  • Play To Win When you submit this bid, you will have 85% chance to win. Pick this strategy when you want to have a really good chance of submitting the winning bid. 

  • Go All In When you’re completely sure you want to grow old in this home. Go all in. With this strategy you’ll have a 95% chance of submitting the winning bid. 

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