Walter All-in-One costs you € 1,950,- once. And one time only. But we'll help you unconditionally, until you make a winning offer. 

But what does the Walter All-in-One actually consist of and how does it help you? We’ll explain it here: 

  • Purchase prices of comparable properties By checking out comparable properties, you’ll learn whether the price for a place is correct - and not too high or low. And thus if you’re not paying too much. 

  • Market analysis You’ll need a proper analysis of the market to know what’s happening with the house of your dreams, but also with comparable properties. It helps you to know how to submit a winning bid.  

  • Price trends Imagine there being a strong decline/decrease in price, then it’s possible there’s something wrong with the place. You don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. 

  • Unlimited Walter Plus You can get as much Walter home valuation reports as you need. It’s all in the same package. 

And that’s only a small amount in comparison to a real estate agent’s costs. Most of the time, real estate agents ask a percentage of the purchase price of your house. Imagine buying a house for € 300.000 and you need to pay a commission of 1,5%, then you’ll have to pay € 4,500,-. What do you prefer?

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