Perhaps the biggest difference is the money. You pay your real estate agent a commission, which is usually between 1% - 1.5% of the purchase price of a house. If you buy a house of € 300.000,- then you’ll have to pay an amount of € 4.500,-. 

Besides, if the price of the house rises, so does the amount you have to pay to your real estate agent. For Walter All-in-One, you pay a one-time fixed amount of € 1.950,-. For this you get unlimited help while bidding on a house, until you make a winning bid. 

In addition, Walter Living is not tied to any city or region and we can help you buy any house in the Netherlands (that is for sale). 

Sounds grand, doesn’t it? For more information, please contact us at WhatsApp on +31 20 244 31 25. 

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